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The mission of Iso-Quip, Corp. is to deliver lasting value to our clients by excelling in providing thermal construction services to the food industry with an emphasis on innovative value based applications for state of the art products, materials and design concepts. The pursuit of this excellence will be sparked by the expectations of our clients and driven by the integrity of the individuals that make up this company.

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Although established in 1991 the foundation for the operations today was laid in 1971. With an extensive 20 years experience in the manufacturing and installation of insulated panel systems it was a natural progression when our company founder and president took the next step into thermal construction contracting. With the combined talents and dedication of other experienced industry professionals, manager's and field personnel alike, Iso-Quip quickly became capable of undertaking the most demanding thermal projects.

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Working primarily in the western United States Iso-Quip has been involved with hundreds of projects both large and small, in greenfield and urban environments alike. Our completed projects number a full array of facilities including poultry, fish, meat and vegetable processing, commercial bakeries, dairies, and cheese plants as well as national food distributions centers and general cold storage warehouses. The knowledge we have gained from our extensive experience can be a great benefit to facility operator and construction manager alike.

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With a strong commitment to paying close attention to the details of schedules, specifications, codes and safety, as well as keeping the "big picture objectives" always in sight, our project teams are commonly recognized for their cooperative team player approach to doing business whether we are performing as a sub contractor or as a general contractor.

Iso-Quip affords clients the benefit of a strong management team well seasoned to the challenges of today's fast track construction environment and dedicated to the concept that "objectives are achieved through collaborative effort". We believe that one important key to the success of a project lies in understanding the relationship between our work and the work of other trades and knowing how and in what sequence the pieces should come together to ensure the most efficient path to completion.

Randy Asbury

Randy Asbury

Founder, Iso-Quip Corp.

Company Founder since 1991.

Dave Reinhardt

Dave Reinhardt

President, Iso-Quip Corp.

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We work closely with you, our customer, to see that you receive the best possible design. Our quality cold storage solutions will meet the needs and challenges of any business, in any industry.

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